Non-Core Services Enabled by Default in GSuite EDU

As part of a an attempt to do a methodical test of the “claims” recently made by the Mississippi AG I started from what should be the logical first step, creating a new GSuite for Education domain. One important thing to note is that when doing this (as of 1/17/17), 25 of the non-core 52 services are turned on by default (list attached). A fair criticism might be that the better privacy by default practice would have been to default all of these to OFF and require the Admin to enable them.

The flow looks like this, As soon as an admin signs up, they must verify the domain (creating a DNS entry to prove they have control). As soon as they do this they get the following message


It is worth noting that YouTube is enabled by default on new GSuite EDU domains (as of testing on /19/17) , despite the under 13 prohibition in the terms], though location, web history and google + are not. Blogger is on by default for all users.

An example of the “notice and consent” for Admin when enabling new services can be seen below.




A fair point could be made about contradicting terms and it is reasonable to think that Districts might be confused about how to determine what take precedence between the pop up dialog the admin clicks overrides and the general prohibition on under 13 in the youtube terms (the same is true for chrome web store which prohibits under 13)

Also the default setting for new products is to enable them



The following table lists the default status of non-core services in a new EDU GAFE domain upon domain activation (as of 01/22/2017)



Blogger On for everyone
Quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more
Chrome Management On for everyone
Configure policies for Chrome browsers
Chrome Web Store On for everyone
Marketplace for Chrome Web Apps.
FeedBurner On for everyone
Analyze, optimize, publicize, and monetize your RSS and Atom feeds.
Fusion Tables (experimental) On for everyone
Share, discuss, merge, and visualize your datasets
Google Bookmarks On for everyone
Create bookmarks you can access anywhere
Google Books On for everyone
Search the full text of books (and discover new ones)
Google Chrome Sync On for everyone
Sync your Google Chrome bookmarks across multiple computers
Google Developers Console On for everyone
Develop applications using Google APIs and the Google Cloud Platform.
Google Finance On for everyone
Google Finance
Google Groups On for everyone
Create mailing lists and discussion groups
Google in Your Language On for everyone
Volunteer to translate Google’s services into various languages
Google Map Maker On for everyone
Google Map Maker
Google Maps On for everyone
Find local businesses, view maps and get directions
Google My Maps On for everyone
Easily create, share, and publish custom maps.
Google News On for everyone
Create your own customized Google News
Google Photos On for everyone
Store and share photos online with Google Photos and Picasa Web Albums
Google Play Developer Console On for everyone
Distribute your Android content to Google Play
Google Public Data On for everyone
Public Data
Google Search Console On for everyone
Get Google’s view of your site
Google Takeout On for everyone
Copy content in Google accounts for use in another service or account
Google Voice On for everyone
Google Voice
Mobile Test Tools On for everyone
Mobile Test Tools – A set of HTML5 test suites along with supporting tools for browser compatibility.
Panoramio On for everyone
Share photos of your favorite places.
YouTube On for everyone
DART for Publishers Off
DART for Publishers
DoubleClick Campaign Manager Off
DoubleClick Campaign Manager
DoubleClick Creative Solutions Off
DoubleClick Creative Solutions is a rich media production and workflow tool designed for creative agencies to streamline their rich media processes and take control of their turnaround times.
DoubleClick DART Enterprise Off
Enterprise class software ad serving solution
DoubleClick for Publishers Off
DoubleClick for Publishers
DoubleClick Search Off
Manage and optimize pay-per-click advertisements and keywords across all major search engines
Google AdSense Off
Earn money by displaying ads on your site
Google Advertising Professionals Off
Become a Qualified Google Advertising Professional
Google AdWords Off
Find buyers searching for what you sell
Google Analytics Off
Google Analytics
Google Code Off
Google’s home for developers
Google Custom Search Off
Create a search engine tailored to your needs
Google My Business Off
Get your business on Google for free with Google My Business
Google Payments Off
A faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online
Google Play Off
Google Play
Google Shopping Off
Shop smarter with wishlists of your favorite products
Google Translator Toolkit Off
Google Translator Toolkit
Google Trips Off
Google Trips – Your mobile travel assistant
Google+ Off
Individual storage Off
Individual storage
Location History Off
Location History and Reporting
Merchant Center Off
Post your products on Merchant Center, find them on Google.
Partner Dash Off
Partner Dash
Play Books Partner Center Off
Provide access to administrative interface for publishers to sell ebooks on Google Play and make them discoverable in Google Books.
Web & App Activity Off
Access and manage your web activity from any computer
YouTube CMS Off
YouTube Content Management System
YouTube Promoted Videos Off
Promote your content on YouTube



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