Google Notifies K12 Admins of Upcoming Changes to enabled “Additional Google Services”

I have previously written about gSuite for Education and the number of non-core services that are enabled by default when a school sets up their domain. I have not had a chance to retest what services are still enabled by default when creating a new domain, but I did want to acknowledge that Google recently notified existing K12 admins that unless they opt out, Google will change their settings and turn off approximately 1/2 of the non-core services on August 1st, 2017. Admins can re-enable the services manually.

The list of services to be turned off appears to correspond with the list I noted in Jan. 2017 and is good partial step to helping K12 admins tighten down their domains for apps outside the core set of gSuite tools and it provides a end of school year reminder that schools need to be getting permission, and I would also add,  going back to parents to get permission for services that were turned on by default.



Services settings changing for G Suite for Education on Aug 1, 2017

In addition to our core G Suite productivity tools like Gmail, Docs, and Classroom, Google makes some of our Additional consumer services available to our G Suite for Education users. These services are used by our G Suite for Education customers to support their educational missions. We want to ensure that other Google services that are not designed for students, such as advertising management services, are not accessible to these users without careful consideration from administrators and parents. You can read more about our commitment to privacy and security here.

To keep G Suite for Education focused on the right services for most schools, we will disable the set of Additional services below on <your domain’s> G Suite for Education account on Aug 1, 2017, unless you choose to control your users’ access to these services yourself below.

Note that you are receiving this message because you are either a K-12 school in our system or your domain has no school type in our system. In order to receive better-targeted communications in the future, please set your school type here. Learn more

Here are the services that will be disabled for your domain:


Note that some of these services may already be disabled for your users. See your configuration.

If you choose to control services yourself and opt-out of having these services disabled automatically, your institution must ensure, for each of these services you choose to keep on, that:

  • you are enabling the service for educational purposes;
  • you are not enabling the service for any user under the age of 13 (learn more about using managing access for different users in our Help Center);
  • your organization has obtained parental consent for any users between 13 and 18 years old to use the service. Our Help Center has more information and resources for Getting consent for G Suite for Education.

Note that there might be other requirements in countries and communities around the world. Learn more.

You may choose to keep these services enabled for specific organizational unit, and disable them for others, depending on your needs. For new services that are added by Google in the future, please see the ‘New Products’ setting on the Company Profile page. Learn more

Choose what is right for you: