Publications and Presentations

The following activities were done on my own time, outside of FCPS hours and always with the disclaimer that I was not representing, or speaking for Fairfax County Public Schools.

Publications and Research

Input on Privacy Regulation

  • Legislation Review: Provided input through various associations on multiple draft federal and state student data privacy bills.
  • Delivered a staff briefing at the request of the FTC, Office of Privacy, on Schools, COPPA and K12 “platforms” 


K12 Leadership, Mentoring and Community Service Projects

  • CoSN Trusted learning Environment ( Co-Chair, Contributed to the development of the criteria, program and served as one of two evaluators for 2015-2017 cohorts.
  • Common Sense Media Privacy Initiative (Advisor)
    • Assisted in development of question set aligned to federal and state laws
    • Served as primary K12 advisor to privacy initiative, facilitated introductions between Common Sense and Clever after Common Sense declined to pursue Graphite Premium. Provided input on application Clever subsequently built see
  • CETL Study Group Co-Lead: Co-lead a 12 week study group for 10 IT directors from around Virginia in preparation for the CoSN Certification in educational technology leadership.
  • Peer Evaluator, CoSN Micro-credentials, BloomBoard: Peer evaluator for individual submissions for five micro-credentials (see
  • A4L Privacy Initiative (Advisor):  A multi-state initiative to create and promote state level “model data sharing agreements” to reduce the level of effort required by individual districts to negotiate “one-off” privacy agreements with Ed Tech vendors ( Working with Loudon, Fauquier and several other Virginia districts on an addendum aligned to the recently passed Virginia school service provider laws.
  • Master Capstone Advisor, Carnegie Mellon University: Served as an industry advisor to a group of six students completing a masters in public policy. The project summary can be found here.

Conference Presentations 2015- 2018

  • January 2015: Student Data Privacy Q&A – InCommon/Quilt Federation Meeting
  • February 2015: Future of Privacy Forum Developer Boot Camp (Washington DC)
  • March 2015: Data Quality Campaign MOOC
  • May 2015: Panelist, Privacy Symposium, Harvard Berkman Center
  • June 2015: Privacy Panel, Council of Great City Schools, Annual Conference **
  • June 2015: Panel, Protecting Student Privacy in Digital Tools for Learning, ISTE Conference *
  • October 2015: Student Data Privacy, NASBE15 Pre-Conference Workshop
  • December 2015: Virginia Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference **
  • January 2016: Four Perspectives on Navigating the Student Privacy, EduCon 2.8
  • February 2016: The Student Data Privacy: Landscape Beyond A4L, A4L Annual Meeting
  • March 2016: NASBE (Washington DC)
  • March 2016: Future of Privacy Forum Developer Boot Camp (San Francisco, CA) *
  • April 2016: Trusted Learning Environment Workshop, COSN Annual Conference
  • April 2016: Privacy Evaluations, COSN Annual Conference
  • August 2016: Panel, Workshop on Big Data in Education, National Academy of Education
  • October 2016: Virginia Society for Technology in Education Annual CIO Conference (Presentation)
  • October 2016: NASBE Annual Conference (Panel on Student Surveillance)
  • July 2017: Virginia CoSN Chapter Privacy Training (Webinar)
  • July 2017: Future of Privacy Forum Developer Boot Camp (Presentations) *
  • October 2017: Virginia Society for Technology in Education Annual CIO Conference (Presentation) **
  • December 2017:FTC/Dept. of Ed Workshop on FERPA and COPPA (Panelist)
  • December 2017: Future of Privacy Forum Developer Boot Camp (Presentations)


*     Travel and Lodging reimbursement received
**   Conference fee waived



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